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  • Nitya Kirat

3 Reasons to Hire a Consultant (vs. DIY)

According to G2, practical sales training can boost win rates by nearly 30%. Training and coaching are different ways to level up your sales team. Some companies DIY it, and others hire outside consultants. Some don't do anything (but we'll leave that one for another time).

An external consultant provides fresh perspectives, structure, and industry expertise to your sales team. Here are 3 reasons your sales team could benefit from training with external consultants:

1. Speed

An external team will get things done at speeds you don't see with internal training teams. We’re incentivized to do a great job and do it quickly - so we can move on to the next project (with you or with other clients). We aren’t encumbered by internal bureaucracy and don’t have our schedules filled with internal meetings (many of which should be emails).

The faster your sales team is upskilled, and more time they have to use those skills to win business.

2. Hunger

An outside team wants your repeat business, which means we are always in “probation” mode. We don’t have the luxury of “mailing it in”. We’re not saying your internal teams do that, but most of them will get their checks even if they did. We know we won’t.

3. Expertise.

A challenge of the DIY approach is that your top sellers are not great coaches (either by not wanting to be or not being trained to be). External consultants bring specific expertise and it sends a different signal to your organization. Rightly or wrongly, even similar information shared often has greater uptake and focus from training participants when it’s delivered by outside experts who bring experience across different companies.

There are different schools of thought and we’re obviously biased. Hopefully, we’ve shared some compelling reasons to work with external experts to increase sales results quicker and more effectively.


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