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  • Nitya Kirat

This Tactic KILLS Trust in Salespeople

Salespeople have a bad reputation for using underhanded tactics to sell their products or services. While majority of the time this reputation is undeserved, there’s a tactic that some implement that KILLS trust instantly for them, as well as the rest of us. And that’s the old “bait-and-switch”!

The reason people (and companies) try it is that it does work sometimes - mainly in one-time transactional situations where there isn’t repeat business to be had. Even then, it’s a very short-sighted tactic and rarely leads to long-term success.

Here are some examples that I’ve seen just this month:

  • A salesperson asks for just 10 minutes of time and goes on for twice as long without thinking twice about it or caring if the other party is interested.

  • A company offers a free trial of a seemingly useful platform/service, but the offer is for such a basic version that it doesn’t really help with your problem or provide any value until you upgrade.

  • Hidden fees are another version of this - the price was pitched as an all-in, except for the additional ones that come up right at the end.

  • A contact reaches out to “catch up” but invites their boss and they’re waiting with a full presentation ready to pitch.

These kinds of tactics might work once or twice but over time they'll hurt your reputation more than they help. Instead, focus on building genuine relationships with your prospects by understanding their needs and being honest about what you offer and how it can benefit them.

If you’d like any other ideas that work better, please reach out.


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