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  • Nitya Kirat

Considering ChatGPT for Sales? (MEDIA PUBLICATION)

While the recent proliferation of artificial intelligence systems has businesses adopting new technologies to boost sales and productivity,

I went to a conference on AI/ChatGPT in Sales in October, and by the time I went to one in April, everything from October was out of date. It’s essential to step into the arena but realize the best is still coming.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a Large Language Model, which can mimic human writing or speech based on prompts and also help salespeople quickly write more personalized sales pitches. Other AI technologies can help quickly identify and research prospects. However, the current solutions cannot replace top-performing salespeople but can help them be both more efficient and effective, leading to huge productivity gains for companies that take the right approach to adoption and execution.

However, AI technologies alone can’t deliver their best results when human operators aren’t trained to prompt their best work. Companies need to follow up investments in this new technology with investments in training their teams and leadership to make this part of their new way of selling. Garbage in = garbage out. You must know how to use the technology to deliver high-quality prospect and client interactions.

Finally, one challenge companies are facing is that there are so many solutions available (seemingly) all of a sudden, and there's pressure to adopt AI and not fall behind. It’s important to not try to do too much too quickly as it can distract from the task at hand of growing revenue in a tough market.

The original press release can be found at Extra TV - Nitya Kirat Quotes


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