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  • Nitya Kirat

3 Ideas to Win the Rest of the Year

As we enter the final quarter of this wild year, there’s pressure to close out this year in a strong (or at least respectable) way. There’s also increased focus on getting ready for what could be a challenging year next year too.

Here are 3 ideas we’re seeing companies implementing to create an edge this year and set up for next.

1. Assess and Adapt Resources

  • Across the board, it makes sense to assess the resources that you have and that you need - from technology to people and everything in between. Assess shouldn’t equal cut. Everyone has to find a balance between being smart about resources and curling up in a ball.

2. Own your Mindset

  • Clients and customers remember how you treated them during the challenging times more than they remember the good times. Does leadership believe and instill across the team the mindset that this is an opportunity to stand apart from the competition?

3. Improve Sales Conversion

  • We all have more prospects now who are “on hold”. If the overall pool of opportunities has become more shallow, sales teams need to be even better at converting their “unfair share” - all leaders want that, some are actually taking steps to make that happen.

In our complex world, often the solutions that change behaviors and drive results are the simple ones.

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