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  • Nitya Kirat

2 Minutes

2 minutes is all it takes to find something to connect with a prospect at the start of a sales call.

It’s incredulous how few salespeople actually build discipline and habit around this simple step.

2 minutes on a LinkedIn profile - maybe you don’t find anything of GENUINE interest to ask them about (and that’s OK). But chances are you’ll set the tone and energy with a connection about something they care about, and demonstrate your professionalism along the way.

Just last week, this tactic helped me on FOUR separate calls:

1) They did a stint in Singapore (where I grew up)

2) They also went to grad school at UCLA Anderson

3) They were an RA in college (so was I many many years ago)

4) They’re soccer fans (although we support opposing teams)

Almost anything is better rapport-building than the weather (although snow in LA this weekend was pretty unique).

Leaders should have this built into their sales process and training. Regardless of what some sales methodologies are claiming, relationships matter (and will as long as we're selling to humans).


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