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The Situation

StreamNative is a unified messaging and streaming platform made by the creators of Apache Pulsar. 


The client-facing sales efforts were led by the Founder and Chief Architect, who had a lot of other priorities as well including product development, project integration, expanding the team, and fundraising. 


Given their technical background, they felt that they needed to improve to compete against established vendors in this space. 

Our Approach

While many successful founders might believe their sales skills are stellar, the leadership team were humble and willing to commit to improving their sales process and skills. 


After observing a few sales meetings, we put together an 8 week program which consisted of a weekly 1 hour session, preceded by 10 minutes of prep. In each session we focused on building one “tiny sales habit” to their process in preparation for live opportunities they were working on. 


The team found it very easy to implement the new ideas without it taking a lot of time or effort, which was critical for the success of the program.


As a result, there has been better qualifying of opportunities, and opportunities have closed sooner. With the growth trajectory, the company also raised $23M in their A round. 

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