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  • Nitya Kirat

Why I Wrote WINNING VIRTUALLY: 10 Tiny Habits for BIG Virtual Selling Success

Exactly a year ago, we decided to cancel our baby shower two days before it was scheduled based on the news of the spread of COVID-19. So we’ll always remember the date that everything changed.

Restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, and offices started shutting down. Our usual methods of socializing—and doing business—were altered, in some cases forever. Those of us who work in sales were confronted with a radically new way of connecting with prospects and clients, and virtual selling has required significant adjustments for everyone.

We can no longer count on being able to travel to our prospects’ locations and build rapport and relationships in person. In many cases, we can’t even count on people’s cameras being turned on when we try to meet with them over video. Zoom fatigue comes for us all, and in virtual meeting after virtual meeting, sales professionals have struggled to generate the same results they used to produce with ease.

My nearly two decades of sales and consulting experience prepared me to see the evolution of virtual selling as an opportunity, not just a challenge. Using my experiences and observations about the changing nature of selling, I developed Winning Virtually, a book that will offer other sales professionals an actionable toolkit of key habits they need to succeed at virtual selling.

Winning Virtually covers aspects from mastering your technology to revising your rapport-building methods to creating engagement from a committee. It draws on my own background, experience with clients, as well as the latest in sales science and behavior design. The book provides actionable advice that you can put into practice immediately, and suggestions for building sustainable virtual sales strategies.

The link to the book page for those interested is below in the first comment. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


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