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  • Nitya Kirat

Could This Be Happening to YOUR Leads?

A true sequence of events from this week:

1. I got an email from a sales tech company/salesperson following up on a webinar (which I registered for but couldn't attend) asking for 15 minutes so they could personally show me how their product could help.

2. After their second email, I replied with a couple of times that they could send an invite for.

3. The salesperson then replied asking what my specific use cases were so they could connect me with the right person.

4. I got an idea for this LinkedIn post and not likely to communicate with them again.

As a salesperson (and those who design sales processes), you HAVE to REDUCE THE FRICTION for your prospects. I clearly had a slight interest (signed up for webinar, and agreed to a call). It was clearly not of significant interest (I didn't attend and it required a couple of emails). I gave you what you asked for (15 minutes to chat with YOU).

As BJ Fogg, Ph.D. lays out brilliantly in his book, one of the factors to make a behavior happen is to make it easy.

In much of our work with clients, we're helping them make it easy for their prospects - easy to say to a meeting, easy to be prepared, easy to be engaged, easy to understand the value, easy to say yes to the next step...

So, thanks for the post idea. As a company touting that they help their clients sell more, they really need to take an inward look first.


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