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Be Remarkable

I had an inspiring time at the TiE SoCal Investor Summit, with the highlight being the opportunity to meet Guy Kawasaki

He delivered an enlightening, funny, and heartfelt keynote and also shared ideas from his new book, Think Remarkable. 

I won’t give it all away, but a couple of things that particularly resonated with me:

1) Sales fixes everything. At startups, it’s critical for founders to be/ become effective salespeople. 

2) To really learn, get in the trenches. I’ve been in the car with salespeople across the country, from different industries, learning about their specific situation, in order to build training programs that really work. The added effort yields invaluable insights.

3) Just like the benefits of a diverse gene pool (vs. inbreeding), diversity in a company strengthens it tremendously.

4) “Be willing to do the sh!t work” - there are no shortcuts.

I also loved that he made his book have short chapters and didn’t fill up hundreds of pages saying the same thing, which happens to be my approach in Winning Virtually: 10 Tiny Habits for BIG Virtual Selling Success (maybe that's something we both picked up at UCLA Anderson School of Management).


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