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YOSD Consulting - Case Studies



We’ve supported teams at PIMCO over the past 10 years across retail and institutional teams, internal and external-facing teams, and global regions. 

When COVID-19 began, leadership at the internal sales desk wanted to ensure that they were supporting as many clients as they could in a meaningful way. With access to advisors being more challenging, and several newer members on the team, it was important that the outreach was strong and value-adding. The goal was to improve two key metrics:

  • Increased outbound call activity

  • Number of “quality conversations” with advisors


We identified and isolated three key behaviors that would have a positive impact and developed a short training session followed by coaching support for the team and the managers. Two of the target behaviors focused on skills related to enhancing trust and having more open and honest conversations. The other one related to improving output.


In the 6 weeks after launching the initiative we saw significant positive results including: 

  • 43% increase in outbound call activity

  • 87% increase in “quality conversations” with advisors

  • Call/quality conversation ratio dropped from 10 to 7 due to more effective calling process and habits

  • AUM growth

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