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The Situation

We worked with the largest multi-family real estate team in Seattle. The team had recently expanded and brought on talented junior brokers to grow their coverage breadth and increase deal flow. There wasn't a consistent sales meeting process and a high variability in how meetings went and which deals were won or lost. This resulted in an over-reliance on the senior partners to get deals over the finish line, which impacted their scaling and growth goals.

Our Approach

In an industry where a lot of firms choose the “sink or swim” training approach, the senior partners were committed to developing the team and investing in them. 

We joined them on a few pitch meetings and identified a process that encapsulated elements that were working well, and a series of “tiny sales habits” that would help make the desired progress. 


This program included an initial series of 4x90 minute training sessions followed by 1:1 coaching sessions on live opportunities with each broker. We also supported the senior partners to reinforce and sustain the learning beyond the initial lift. 


The team nearly doubled their pitch win ratio since we started working together and have closed over $200M in deals this year.

Junior members of the team are regularly closing deals themselves which has created a lot of scale for leadership to grow the business.

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