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The Situation

The company was growing, and the team had recently expanded. They needed to have a consistent sales process for the territory managers, and for the sales manager to coach and manage the team.

A key leadership goal was for the sales team to get more business from the largest potential prescribers rather than from a large number of customers.

Our Approach

We built processes for the sales team, and for the sales manager. We trained the team on the new process, and followed up with reinforcement sessions at quarterly meetings, and field coaching.

The manager processes were built around cornerstone touchpoints: Goal Setting Meetings, Sales Team Calls, and Ride-Alongs. We worked closely to implement these processes in a way that was welcomed across the team.   


Sales grew by 25%, significantly above goal of 15%. Growth has come from every territory manager, demonstrating the benefits from a consistent process and coaching support.

The strategic approach and tactical execution by the territory managers is now consistent with the core strategy that leadership had envisioned. 

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